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> 23 May 2009: Amazon Book Review “A New Hero."

> 19 May 2009: Guest on Fox News’ “Strategy Room Online."

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> 17 May 2009: The Bookshelf Reviews:

Nuclear bomb? Check. Evil leader bent on instigating war? Check. Beautiful woman? Check. Optimistic overweight sidekick? Uh...check.

North from Calcutta follows Tarek Durrani, a Pakistani intelligence officer, to London, Bangladesh, Dubai, the Himalayas, and a few other places in attempt to stop a plot to cause a world-changing war between Pakistan and India, as well as save the woman he's hopelessly fallen in love with. Seems like a typical action/adventure, 'save-the-world-before-it's-too-late' kind of tale, but it's really not.

While meeting with architect Advani (his last name; his first is way too long to even attempt to spell) about the plans of a dam named Farakka Barrage built north of Calcutta (hence the book's name), he meets Advani's beautiful daughter Sahar and falls head over heels. But after obtaining the plans he needs for Farakka Barrage, Durrani learns of a plot to blow the dam and pin it on Pakistan. Worse still, a commencement ceremony at Farakka Barrage is to take place with both Advani and his daughter present, putting them as well as hundreds of others in the possible line of fire. It's no wonder Durrani call on his connected, jolly and plump sidekick Habibi to help in stopping the plot's execution.

To be Evans' first novel, he writes like a veteran. Could definitely be owed to his own personal experience as a CIA operative, but even still, he uses all the right words to describe the situation in just enough detail to keep the reader enthralled and begging for more. I'd recommend the writers of 24 pick this guy up - he could make for some amazing scripts for season 8! --T.C. Robson

> 7 May 2009: Times of India Article on North from Calcutta

"Taken from what could be tomorrow's headlines, the author takes us deep into the underside of Pakistan's intelligence services, where nationalism clashes with Islamic fundamentalism, as radical elements plot against India-with nuclear war hanging in the balance. Plot twists, well developed characters, settings that bring you the feel and smell of South Asia, this is a page-turning, exciting ride."
- Gary Schroen, former senior CIA officer and National Best Selling author of "First In"

"Great tale of today’s espionage and terror which also brings back that uneasy feeling of being among the clashing forces of Pakistan's intelligence service, India, and radical Islam, all superimposed on the delicate regional nuclear balance. North from Calcutta is both 'what it's like' and 'what it could be.'”
- Ambassador Cofer Black, former U.S Representative for Counterterrorism, and former Chief of the CIA’s Counterterrorist Center

"In North from Calcutta, Duane Evans is pioneering a new approach to the genre of espionage, intrigue and adventure novels. His handling of a Muslim hero, a Hindu heroine, in a setting of Islamic extremist activity is superb and destined to be the pacesetter for other writers in this time of explosive terrorist threat."
- Richard Blake, Reader Views

"In a gripping story ripped from today's headlines, a web of murder, intrigue and deceit stretches from the palaces of Pakistan to the slums of Bangladesh, from the villas of India to the power corridors of Washington, D.C., building inexorably to an explosive and unexpected climax, while one man races to avert a nuclear catastrophe - and save the woman he loves."
- V.J. Banis, author of "The Astral" and "To the Day I Die"

"North From Calcutta tells a fascinating story of intrigue and danger from the unique perspective of a Pak Intel officer who has right on his side, but faces the evil forces of the no-rules wars of fractional South Asia. It rings true as an espionage thriller, historical novel and para-military covert adventure story. Eminently readable."
- James E. Parker, Author of "Codename Mule," "Last Man Out" and "Covert Ops"

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